Holy Schmidt!

My udder little blog, Holy Schmidt, has been shortlisted as a 2007 Weblog Awards finalist under the Religious Blogs category.

I don't expect to win - far from it, in fact - my blog is a godacious breed apart from the rest and I'm not really one for pandering because I don't exactly have a large readership. Nevertheless, I'm ultra thrilled to be on the shortlist. These things are arbritrary popularity contests, at best, and I'm up against a couple of pretty cool sites, together with a few others that appear savvy, shall we say, to the ways of church tithing and planting and mass prostration. That's hard to do when you have 5 readers.

So that said, if you have three seconds, click here and cast your Holy Vote so I'm not left completely in the dust.

And tell your friends to vote. And their friends. And Stephen Colbert's friends. And so on. Every daily vote counts as an entry in my drawing for a most impressive chatzkah - my Holy Toast stamper, pictured below. Simply keep tabs on how many times you've voted this week, drop me a line at holy dot schmidt at hotmail dot com with your total vote tally, and I'll enter you in this cool running. How divine is that?
Polls close on November 8th. Wish me godspeed!


Hollie said...

Wishing you god speed and tommorrow when I blog I will advertise it so anyone who reads me gets to go vote too---maybe doing that National Blogging Month thingy this moneth will pay off for a blog bud of mine--hoping and praying you dont get left in the dust.

Now come wish me a blog bday!

KC said...


Jorge said...

Sorry I missed the deadline, as I was away. Otherwise, I would have surely voted for you. In my book, you'll always be the best, for you and i seem to be in violent agreement on most issues :-) Be well,