Loonie Toons

Here's a slice of Canadian humour, American style. Mind you, pretty soon Canadians will be changing the Internet joke to, "why can't I own an American?"


Lynn said...

"Oh say can you see, eh?" Love it!
If only it meant all the McDonalds would magically turn into Tim Hortons!!!! While I know they don't offer the same foodstuffs, I don't care...we have too many burger joints and not nearly enough Timmies type places, especially on the scale of quality, dangit!

I've always loved the Dear 'Insult Biblical-Quoter-Of-Why-Homosexuality-Is-Wrong', Letter
Amazing how scary and creepy Leviticus is in the rules section, idnit? I've sent that letter out to SOOOOO many people, mostly family members who send me CC:'s of stupid crap they pass along about 'doing something' political or religious to alleviate the blight of the evil homosexuals upon our nation. Usually I don't get anymore spam from them after that. =]

Why can't we own Canadians? Easy. I know Canadians. They're ornery when you don't agree with them a lot of the time and all seem to have the vocabulary and wit to lash you to death to prove it, most of them are at least as or smarter than we are, and lord have mercy! they're tetchy about their Canadian stuff. Dare to suggest a Smartie is like an M&M, and you'll be in for a lecture for a week. Own one? Noooo thanks. I personally think Laura is a Canadian and was switched at birth somehow. It would explain a lot.
Love Canadians like crazy...own one? heh heh hehe....no. I'll just be happy to be besties with as many as possible.

Natalie said...

"oot and aboot" is something I could do versus "party till yer hubcaps fall off" as it is here in the land of entrapment.

Own a Canadian?

I thought I already did?


cas said...

Once upon a time in a far away galaxy, the US was a superpower, a superhero. The Canadian dollar was worth $.68 US, because Canada practiced "socialized medicine" and "liberal politics." That pissed off Republicans who said, "socialized medicine and liberal politics are the reason why the Canadian dollar is worth only $.68.

Today the Canadian dollar is worth one US dollar. The Euro vs. the US dollar is up. We've lost the moral high ground. Jesus loves us, but every other civilized country on earth thinks we are assholes. We are the 21st Century version of the Roman Empire just before it fell from pride, greed, sloth, and laziness.

KC said...

A whole time high... gotta love the beaver and maple leafs (no - not the hockey team!!!)

Own me???


HOLY said...

Lynn: The world needs more Timmies. 'Nuf said.

Nat: I still don't get oot and aboot....I totally say owt and abowt...but roof/ruff...that's the one that makes me giggle.

Cas: yup to everything you say...except to note that the Cdn dollar has been up above par to the US dollar for the last couple of months....it hit 1.08 yesterday.

Bad for Canadian tourism, good for US retailers.

itchick said...

Just popping in to say...
TAG! You're it. See my blog for more, and have great weekend. :)

Jorge said...

Welcome to the Decline and Fall...
Be well,

Lynn said...

I didn't want to put this under your Remembrance Day blog, it felt like it would sully it somehow, if that makes sense to you. Remembrance Day, Veterans Day, is too sacred and special for a reply to a comment.
As for Nickelback, I have to, though I hate it, agree with you completely. I fell in love with them when Silver Side Up hit American airwaves, finally found Curb and went "WHOA!!!" I began to get a little bummed when the only songs on The Long Road I loved were Figured You Out and Another Hole in the Head, but Holy Mother of Pearl....Figured You Out? MY KINDA SONG!!! It's still my favorite song, right up there with Control by Puddle of Mudd. But then, I'm an ex-Dominatrix too, with some masochistic tendicies in the sack. Those songs would appeal to me. *grin* This latest CD has me kinda sickened. Cookie cutter, indeed. If it weren't for Rockstar, I'd fear for them completely. That If Everyone Cared had me gagging and wondering what had happened to my group.

As for American 'puritan ways', you are so right. For a country with a separation of Church and State, we sure do have a lot of morality laws, don't we? But if you want some nudity on TV, watch Nip/Tuck on Fox. I've seen more of Julian McMahan's ass than anyone has a right to, though they're still a little shy with the boob shots, and they do a tasty sex scene almost every episode.
AND...yeah, you can thank Tipper, Al Gore's wife for our beloved bleeping of the drug references. So stupid. They do it on some of the video channels too. We have a few radio stations that do the bleeping, a few that don't. It's weird, and apparently voluntary, because one of our harder rock stations doesn't bleep out the GD in the Eagles Life in the Fast Lane, either, but all the other stations do.

My Sis, Melissa is Canadian too. She finds the laws and ways of this screwed up system with all our
laws and flaws, "founded by God-fearing Men" but overrun with teenage pregnancy, drug use, racism, crime rates and constant fights against any compassion for the underdog to be almost sickening.
I can't blame her there.