Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet...

So here's the Candyman in all his sugary glory - I fully expect he will come home stripped bare of all his jawbreakers, suckers, tootsie rolls and gum.

I love duct tape - it's a Halloween essential. I think the only time I ever sewed a costume was when I needed to attach a bodacious set of black breasts complete with large baby bottle nipples to my Zulu warrioress bra back in the day. And along the same vein, when I needed to attach copious baby bottle nipples to my pink long john pig costume. Which I still have. I love pairing the pig costume with our London bobby cop mask but it doesn't always go over well in polite company.

Halloween is here ~ my all-time, fave-ola holiday event. I'm dressing up as a monkey lab assistant for my daughter's mad science lab classroom party this morning and tonight, when I tag along 500 feet behind my kids on the opposite side of the street (strict instructions from my son), I will either dress up as an organ grinder monkey - or lady Zorro. Not sure yet. Rumour has it there are a few party stop houses in the neighborhood that serve mulled wine to the parents. Whoo-hoo, I'm there with bells on.

This will be a first trick or treat night with the daylight savings time adjustment. Having the extra hour of daylight in this spooky, dark new neighborhood of ours will be awesome. But to add some glow to this dark and scary night, we're going to make some mountain dew glow bottles ~ check it out. Assuming our house doesn't blow up in the process, I'll blog later and weigh in on how it turned out.

Hope your day is spooktacular.


Hollie said...

My daughter who is lying in my bed after a night of candy galore saw this costume and immediately said MOM next year i am going to be the gingerbread lady...what have you begun?

Oh halowwen pics are up over at my place and so are pics of her haul tonight---you wioll be most intersted in her candy bar haul!

KC said...

My first Halloween at the house was rather disappointing.

I wanted by buy candy for only 30 kids but my father convinced me that since we are in a rich-in-kids family area... that it might be wise to buy for 100 kids. God bless his good intentions... but dammit...

We only had 23 kids come beg for sugar.

Now I'm stuck with tones of sugaree delights that are going to go straight to my ass.

Grrr... Boo.

cas said...

Nope. I won't say a word about duct tape or your costume. Blame it on my Roman Catholic upbringing. I find it difficult to write a sentence on a public blog with the word "nipples" in it.

Otherwise, your entry was enlightening and informative and entertaining.

Nobody showed up at my house last night for Halloween. I guess I live way too far off the main road.

-s said...

Yes, I dressed up the dogs. One wore a bumblebee outfit, and the other a pirate's shirt.

Will post photos of the bumblebee later.

Glad you had a wonderful day, love the "Candyman" theme for your son's costume. Awesome.

itchick said...

You're quite the costume woman! Love the son's Candyman one. How 'bout a picture of the Zulu warrioress costume? The mental image escapes me, somehow. :D

-s said...

How Much?

SAAM said...

I love Halloween and was disappointed that I only had 2 TWO kids come to the door. But Marissa had fun dressed as the Yellow Brick Road!!
Nice costume!!!!