Wyeth Officially Famous Now

Andrew Wyeth died today. He is quite possibly the most brilliant artist this continent has ever seen, in my mind. I stand in awe at his work....he channeled the divine each and every time he placed brush to canvas.
His life and work was not without controversy but that will only make him larger than life in death. Same too might be said of the price of his paintings. Anyone, myself included, who didn't invest in his work prior to his death must be kicking him or herself now because in the spirit of supply and demand and guns and butter, his works will be worth infinitely more now.

Sad that one must die in order to come of age, artistically speaking.


jorge said...

I always enjoyed his paintings, and was fortunate enough to see one of his large retrospectives. He painted "accessible" art, but Inever acred for the taste of our current art critics. Be well,

Anonymous said...

Hi Holy...I enjoyed his work and fascinated by his subjects. Such a great talent.

I haven't been to visit for a long while,I just stopped by to say hello and wish you well in the comming year. Mud Duck