Of Resolutions, Risk and Redux

On the nineth day of the new year, my true love gave to me, nine non-resolutions.

That's my song and I'm singing it. I hereby don't resolve in grand pontification to:

1) seek meaningful work
2) finish my book
3) shop my picture book manuscript
4) blast through unfinished home projects
5) lose weight
6) exercise more
7) eat heathier
8) live life with more reckless abandon
9) buy the world a home and furnish it with love

You see, I can't remember a January in recent New Years' past, where I haven't resolved in good faith, spirit and proclamatin to do something kick-ass and worthy. But then again, I can't remember a February in the past decade, where I wasn't also proverbially kicking my own ass for having ditched said lofty resolution in favour of newfound sloth and apathy.

I've had a few New Year's successes. Well, OK, maybe only one that I can think of. I quit smoking January 1, 1990. I still consider that to have been a most amazing accomplishment but the secret to my success was that I mentally afffirmed my intention and quit date with each puff, drag and inhale of each and every cigarette for two months leading up to my quit date. So imagine how many meditative inhalings of each cigarette that might work out to be and then multiple that by 25 and then again by about 60 and that equates to quite the bombardment of positive affirmations I was assailing in inner addict with.

This year, as per the one the last, I resolve to resolve daily. To wake up and begin each day anew with manageable bite-size resolutions that are apropos for a 24 hour period. Period.

Anyhoo, stay tuned for more on this next week, once I've done some visioning work (tomorrow) on the year ahead.


Jeri said...

To wake up and begin each day anew with manageable bite-size resolutions that are apropos for a 24 hour period.

Amen, sister. Sometimes just getting the laundry caught up is the most important victory - world peace might have to wait for the weekend. ;)

Jorge said...

I don't need a long list of broken resolutions to add to my list of failures. After all, once I was again overlooked by the Nobel committee, the MacArthur genius grant folks, and the dolts who select the Pulitzer prize, why should I pile on more pain! Be well,

Shana said...

Yep, good plan all around!!!

Holy said...

Jeri: tell me about it....

Jorge: I'm quite certain your name was on all those lists but don't despair, "those dolts" will see the error of their ways one fine day! :)

Shana: we shall see....I'll post the update this week.