Walking in My Winter Underwear

I miss the kids bounding up or down stairs with thrilling exclaims of, "It's snowing, it's snowing!"

But as would be the case with most places we move to, thinking we've escaped the worst bites of winter, winter follows us. We moved to Halifax in 1988 - it was bitterly cold - one of the worst winters on record. We moved to Pakistan a decade later and both winters, we got unseasonably cold weather, as in seriously, wear fleece, crank the heat up and shiver me timbers cold weather. Just prior to Pakistan, when I moved to Victoria for the birth of our son, we were snowed under in the worst blizzard ever for weeks.

So while I miss the so-called timeliness of these excited outbursts, alas, I'll admit - we still get them. Winter has followed us once again: it has snowed here every winter since moving here. We now live up on a mountain, or so the locals dub this them thar hill we're perched upon...so we get snow where others might not.

But for it to snow, like clockwork white, on December 1st, the first day of Advent in the Schmidt house, when six chocolate and/or toy-filled calendars (three each this year) vie to be the first window ripped open or pocket peeked in ~ that is simply and seasonally divine.

Yes, that's right kiddies - we woke up to a blanket of white this morning. Not quite skiing or tobaganning white, but if it's snowing here, it's dumping in the mountains.

This is timely because we will be setting up our newly-arrived, beaut and Noble 8 ft. Christmas tree in our vaulted living room tonight. We'll be lighting a fire, drinking some Merlot, listening to Holy Son play Good King Wenceslas on the cello, and lifting little Miss Wonder-filled up so she can dangle ornaments from the highest boughs.

And we'll be praying that we don't get the weeklong power outage we got this time last year during the wind storms. We managed to set the tree up but had to decorate it in the dark and weren't able to enjoy the lights until 8 days later.

On that note, I'm off to a snowflake workshop to make Christmas ornaments with Holy Daughter.

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?


Hollie said...

we woke up to white stuff too!

Natalie said...

We had torrential rains at 4 this morning. Yes, I had to work and, yes, I drove in it. I'd rather have snow.

I thought about you (and spoke about you) last night. Were your ears or boobs burnin'? lol

I was standing outside the store, having a smoke break, when a guy drove up on his motorcycle. He asked if we had free wifi and, of course we don't (you have to have a T-Mobile account), and then he asked if I knew where he could find the nearest pay phone. I asked him if it was a local call and, when he said yes, I told him he could simply use my (work) phone. He parked, came in, and the minute he started speaking (without the muffle of his helmet), I knew he was Canadian. His Canadian cell phone wasn't working and he needed to get in touch with his buddy. He made the call, missed his friend, and left. His friend called back (didn't realize he was calling from Starbucks)so, I took a message. Then Canadian guy came back and I gave him the message and he was able to hook-up with his friend and a place to stay.
After all of this phone messaging, he and I got to talking. He put a "beanie" on and I said, "Okay, so, what do you call your 'hat'"? He was like, "Huh?" lol I said, "Is it a 'toke'?" And he laughed and said, "A tuke? Haha! That's funny!" And then he made the universal sign for toking.
It was a crack up and I told him about our "toke" conversation (ages ago when we were still on Spaces and developing TOT) and all things Canadian.

And it made me miss you. :)

I feel a long-ass phone call in the very near future.
*hugs*... my Canadian compadre'.

Jeri said...

I like your snow picture better than my snow picture... glad you're enjoying the winter and Advent!

Mercy said...

Ah ha! Found you! I'm getting caught up...sigh.

smootchers and sleds...and stuff,


Jorge said...

Fortunately, after all these years, Miki is quite secure in her role in my life, and doesn't feel threatened (or at least is wise enough to keep the thought to herself) by anyone who likes my writing. I enjoyed your photos and lamentations on the rapid passage of time. I confess, I still struggle with the reality that my baby is now married, and may soon be starting his own family. As for your site, I found it a year-round joy to visit. Be well,

hatrock said...

Sleighbells ring, are you listening?
My ol' truck, she's a missing.
Oh what a horrible sight, tis cold tonight
Walking in asbestos underwear.

Later on, we'll perspire, as we sit 'on' the fire.

Ah, yes. Metro's Elowyen Days from Christmas.

Yiachi yiachi koubassa, Eskimos Eskimos, rah rah rah!

Becca said...

We woke up to lots and lots of rain and rain, and more rain, and then the wind. Awful. We still have power and for that I am grateful. The tree is up and decorated and you can see it on my blog if you want to. Hope that the merlot warms you down to your soul. I am going to be drinking pinot noir I think!

Lynn said...

I envy your snow. And an outing making Christmas ornaments. Any outting!