Coquets, Cults & Circuitious Conundrums

There Katie goes, copykatt'ng me again. And there I go, blogging about her again.

It started when she married Tom Cruise, who shares a rather dubious honour with Holy Hub of being born on the same day and year. Coincidence? I think not.

And now it would seem she's doing her married white female act once more - getting her hair cut and styled like mine.

Next she'll be moving next door, and starting a religion blog or something.

On the brINK
I heard the funniest thing this morning. It sums up precisely how inane our laws are.

Apparently it's illegal in this state and a few others for anyone under 18 to get a tattoo - parental consent or not.

I personally think this is a terrific law because I don't know of one single teenager (or 30 year old for that matter) who has the ability to project ahead in their life to the age of 63 to know with absolute certainty if they'd still be happy with their kitschy and wrinkly shoulder art.

But get this. Last week, a local 14-year old, JW boy dying from cancer made headlines for refusing critical blood transfusion work that would reputedly have saved his life. He died hours later. A judge had granted him the right to do so, on account of his religious convictions. Without parental signature.

So let me get this straight: our sonic youth cannot get a tattoo in some parts of this country but it's their party, they can die if they want to?

What a mixed-up, crazy, inane ride we're on. I'm just glad I'm sitting in the back with the party'ers because this trip would be hell on wheels if I wasn't medicated at least part of the time. It's not all fun and games back here though. The proximity to the washroom is a downwind nightmare, the ride is not exactly smooth, there ain't no view out the tinted windows to be had, and it's standing room only.

Not to mention that I'm stuck beside some guy who keeps mumbling, whoa dude...like who's driving this bus anyways?

Beats me. Ask the 14-year old - he'll know.


Natalie said...

Do you have a dress like that? Will Cap'n Jack every shave his mustache, cut his hair into a "little boy" cut, and slide across the hardwood floors in his underwear?

Oh...hahahahaha! The images in my head!
I wanna see Katie in a burka (sp?) then I'll really crack up!

Jeri said...

I could see Katie in a burqa - as part of some sort of charity tour or something. Or maybe just a headscarf. ;)

That is wild about the kid who opted out of treatment, and your comparison with tattoos is pretty insightful. I don't know how I feel about the 14 y.o. -- I'm a huge believer in personal freedom to choose, but the age and circumstances on this one certainly raise eyebrows.

It's like laws that ensure our 18 year olds can go die in our wars but can't buy booze.

Lynn said...

The JW child...trust me, I have two 14 year olds of my own, and they're children, breaks my heart. How any judge could be so stupid, applying a religious conviction ruling to a teenager that deals with his own life is beyond me. If the kid had wanted to have sex with an adult, he wouldn't be allowed to abuse his body legally...yet he can give up his life? I don't think it's the LAW, I think this is the case of one seriously moronic judge. Who has the death of a young man on his slate now.

Hey, it's not so bad at the back of the bus with the rest of us partyin' nutjobs, Holy. At least we have brownies, and hooch! And who can beat our musical choices??

HOLY said...

Nat: I have lots of dresses like that...just not the body to fit them anymore :) - and you know, there is just nothing attractive about Tom Cruise, except the women who have dangled on his arm over the years...and perhaps some of the men too :) - so thank God Holy Hub is more Captain Jack than Risky Business...

Jeri: one of the local radio stations was comparing these two inane things....and then on the radio this morning, they were discussing how to buy toads and lick them for psychedelic thrills....radio is so educational :)

But your point on the wars and alcohol is exactly the same....illegal to drink beer under 21 but go off to the army and get yerself killed and then you don't have to worry about drinking laws anymore.

Lynn: The judge claimed it was a very tough decision and that he has kids and grandkids, but that it would do little good to force the kid to undergo blood transfusion and have to be physically restrained to do so...I dunno.

And yes, back of the bus is where itzzzat, mon....tunes, loons, goons and all...

Mercy said...

ewwwwwww Tom Cruz, what is any of them thinking? Placenta omelette's anyone? hack hack

I can't believe they let that kid die, what a shame....hmmm what about a 14 yr old for pres?

Hollie said...

Yes the laws are so very mixed up!

As for you looking like Katie, that is okay, as long as she doesnt sound or write like you.

Jorge said...

Isn't life full of such contradictions? And to think, the nerve of that hussy, aping you...
Be well, my favorite blogger,