I decided to get with the program this year and hop on the Nanowrimo bus. It's one part impulsive, three parts scary, two parts liberating and four parts fun. Or something like that. Actually being given public permission to write without regard to editing - that is such a foreign concept for me. I edit while writing. That's my problem - the whole enchilada of writer's block right there in that insidious e-word.

I'm 1/5th of the way there already - I've been writing to beat the banshee the last couple of days. Is it a shitty first draft? You betcha. But in the interest of quantity not quality and an attitude born of altitude, I'm setting my sights high and not blinking until I get there.

Wish me godspeed and a daily flash of insight!

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Beast Mom said...

Yea! I hope you have a great experience with this. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed NaNoWriMo. I too edit as a I go along and enjoyed the freedom to write a crap draft that didn't turn out so crappy after all. ;) You can do it!
BTW, thank you for your enthused comment on my blog today.