The Wheels on the Bus Go Round 'n Round...

Long story short, we're on the other side of the insurance deal and we done good. We got a fair price and then some for our van - $5K more than the other insurance company was going to offer us which makes no sense. But don't get me going on insurance companies.

Short story long, we just inked a friends and family deal on a 2009 Honda Pilot. We pick it up Monday when we slap down our piggy banks. Here she is, in all her dark cherry and black leather glory.But holy schmoly, what a long process this has been.

During this whole process, we had company in from Canada, our 20th wedding anniversary ~ to which I still owe Holy hub a present - not that a brand-new, big-breasted SUV (stupidly uneconomical vehicle) isn't present enough. But we have yet to really celebrate our two decades with a proper date night, although we did enjoy a nice dinner with friends at a waterfront restaurant.

So with all this behind us, I'm hoping to still salvage a mini-camping trip late summer. I really want to test drive it in style and head due southeast to Utah. Fingers crossed.

Anyhoo, I see a couch and some pj's calling my name. Who woulda thunk car-price haggling would be such exhausting business?


Natalie said...

So, that's good, right?
She's a beauty.
It is exhausting.
Freakin' Life is exhausting.
Glad to hear you will soon put this insurance/car business behind you.
Even gladder (gladder?)ya'll are okay and still around, albeit exhausted, to enjoy each other.

VENTL8R said...

I miss my '05 bluestone metallic Pilot....I have never once said I loved a car until we had that Pilot.

Lease was up in July and with gas prices we down-sized to a Patriot. 22mpg/city is easier to tolerate and stomach than 15 with the Pilot.

I do miss the leather and sun roof, but the MP3 jack in the Patriot ROCKS!! I think I've used the CD player twice until I put the disc on my player.

Jorge said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your new ride. Be well,

SAAM said...

Looks good!!

I need a new car!!

Becca said...

Happy Anniversary!

I love your car! I hope that the last few weeks of summer run smooth for you!


Jeri said...

I hope you enjoy your new car and are able to plan a camping getaway before everyone's routines get complicated again!

Happy anniversary. 20 years is a great achievement. :)

The Beast Mom said...

Yea! New wheels! :) Enjoy the new car smell.

You have email.


Jorge said...

I keep checking back, hoping that my hugely talented and humorous Canadian blog pal would have posted another missive by now. Perhaps this unsubtle mix of flattery and guilt will help motivate her. Be well,

Anonymous said...

I ♥ Your Wheels!!
Especially the colour (great on a car... just not so much in a bathroom...)

I'm glad the ordeal is done... and over with. You can salvage some of your summer fun!


Elizabeth said...

Hello there! Came by way of KC's... and Holy Schmidt! I remember you back in the Spaces days! Another MSN refugee! ;)

New car smell... ahhhh! And Happy 20th!

Jorge said...

It's the labor Day weekend, and sad to say, I'm laboring rather than relaxing. Still, it has been a most interesting week. Be well,