Viva Lost Wages!

So we're Vegas bound next week.

I had resisted booking this Spring Break trip for months, in part because I was feeling the urge to travel to a more natural and pristine locale versus ~ how shall I say, supernatural environment such as Vegas, baby.

I fantasized about driving to Yosemite or maybe Zion National Park but alas, the romance and mystique of those road trips would inevitably have given away to the reality of bored kids trapped in a vehicle that likes to suck gas like it's going out of style. Which, by the way, it is.

So we're back to square one. Vegas ~ family style. Which means no party like a rock star, excessive gambling, late-night burlesque shows and stripping on the Strip. Not that we would ever do any of those things, of course.

No siree. Our trip will be decidedly more tame - (pffft, right). We'll be staying at The Excalibur, doing all the thrill rides, gawking at all the hotels and their larger-than-life circus of exhibits and attractions, taking in some family-friendly dinner shows like the Tournament of Kings medieval jousting show; and The Blue Man Group, which I've heard is amazing; and the creme de la creme ~ taking a day-trip excursion to the Grand Canyon. Can't wait for that. Except that I'm horrifically scared that Hub and the kids will get too close to the edge. That frightens me beyond imagination - especially Holy Hub - whose motto in life has always been, "if you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space."

While at the Grand Canyon, we're considering the option of taking a helicopter to the bottom of the canyon and doing a little boat excursion down the Colorado River. It would be a very cool, once in a lifetime way to experience the third of Seven Natural Wonders of the World, but also very extravagant.

If we do, we will certainly justify it as a more enjoyable way to piss money away rather than gambling in a casino - which neither Holy Hub or I have ever felt inclined to do. I've plugged a sum total of $25.00 in change in slot machines in Reno, Vegas, and Atlantic City, and only then out of a vague sense of vicarious obligation. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Anyways, come next week's end, I'm sure we'll have had enough fun, feast, frolic, frenzy and rude tourist line-up jostling to last us a fantastically long time. But I'll save that inevitable epiphany for next week's blogging.


Tanya said...

Have a great time in Vegas!! Mike & I took a helicopter while we were at Mt. St. Helen's so I can't imagine how breathtaking the Grand Canyon would be.

We went to Vegas in 2001 and I think I gambled a whole $5 - I'm such a risk-taker :)

Jeri said...

Hmmm... our drive to the Grand Canyon South Rim was about 5 hrs one way (not the 2 1/2 a local told us) so it might be a tad long for a day trip. It was ENTIRELY worth it though, very lovely spot!

Excalibur is fun... it also has a Krispy Kreme in the food court. ;)Luxor and NY NY are also very kid-friendly, so you're right in the middle of things. My kids loved it when I took them on a gondola ride at the Venetian and up the elevator at Eiffel Tower.

The Sherwood Forest coffee shop at Excalibur is good and cheap. The buffet at Excalibur was awful, really stupidly laid out, so we went over to the Luxor for our buffet splurges.

Also, Circus Circus has a nice but crowded amusement park behind the casino, a great day adventure for you and the kids. (Although mine said they'd shifted more toward stuff for smaller kids so you might want to research it first)

The kids might also enjoy lunch or dinner at Margaritaville at the Flamingo - lots of kitschy atmosphere, entertainers on stilts, and tables set inside fake boat sterns.

I hope you have a great time!

Lynn said...

I wouldn't GO to Vegas if I couldn't party like a RockStar. That's like...going to Memphis and not hitting Graceland or Beale Street. It's like going to Disneyland and not riding on anything but the kiddy rides.

I am sorrowful for you, Holy and Hubby.

Holy said...

Tanya: Thx! I'll see your $5 and raise ya $20 - I think that's as much as I'm willing to throw away - to my way of thinking, we're throwing away enough as it is with flights, entertainment, hotel, meals and attractions....but it will be huge fun.

Jeri: Great tips - I'll make note of Margaritaville - I've heard that twice (that they have great nachos too) - the other place we thought we'd try is Dick's Last Resort because it looks kitschy too and God knows, I love kitsch - but Margaritaville is going on the list now, too. And we're doing Circus Circus, and all the freebie hotel things, and the NY NY roller coaster, and the gondola ride and the TI night show and the jousting show and we've rented an SUV for our Grand Canyon outing Thursday.

And we'll either do a Cirque show or Stomp out Loud or Blue Man - we'll see which one delivers the best last-minute deal Tuesday morning. And the rest will be just wandering around, checking out the freebie stuff, trying to get the kids out of the newly renovated Excalibur pool - Fremont at night, etc. But I've dropped the Stratosphere coasters from my to-do list - Holy Daughter isn't tall enough and I think I'm too chicken.

Did you ever find out where a decent buffet is - I wondered about checking out Mandalay Bay or Treasure Island.

Lynn: I know. It's why I only booked the trip last Tuesday - this trip was SO supposed to be my 40th girlie party like I'm half that age getaway. And now it's a fam damily vay cay. Oh well, we'll still have fun and I'll look wistfully at the nightclubs and sigh. Sigh.