Uncoiling the Spring

Spring break is long over.

I can tell because I'm already thinking thoughts of another vacation escape the likes of summer holidays and a tropical Christmas getaway.

We are now 2/3 of the way through this crazy spring schedule that saw us overlapping three different play rehearsals. Holy Daughter's plays are now over. In her first play this spring, HD enjoyed a small cameo role as one of Geppetto's Puppets - total on-stage time was likely no longer than about 120 seconds.

Her second play entailed a far more daunting rehearsal and performance schedule - she rehearsed a few times a week these past couple of months for her part as the "punchline and punctuation" snail (she got to say period, exclamation point and question mark after all the snails said their one word lines) in a city youth theatre production of Sleeping Beauty. They enjoyed six sell-out performances and when she came home yesterday after the final show, she fell asleep in the recliner and skipped dinner altogether in favour of more rest.

So that's two down but one still to go for Holy Son, who is busy rehearsing in prep for an upcoming Shakespearean play.

This on top of soccer, Brownies, Scouts, Irish dance, ballet and cello lessons. Little wonder my mind is already on summer and next Christmas.

On that note, I'm going to take a little hiatus from blogging for awhile. I have another writing project I'm working on that I want to focus on. But I'm still here behind the scenes. Or here. Or manning the 24/7 phone lines at Mom's Diner & Taxi Service.


Anonymous said...

Can I go with you??? I am ALWAYS planning an escape!!! Too bad they don't all succeed!

Sounds like you've got a plate full of life happening around you... hope you're finding time for yourself??

Yeah... that's the escape plan! Right. Gotcha.

Still. Can I come???


Jorge said...

Just stopping by. Hope you're enjoying this Sunday. Be well,