Happy Heart Day

Holy Daughter went to school this morning with a gigantic, bouncy spring in her step. She was so excited for Valentine's Day because she wanted to show off her special Valentine's box creation, which all the kids made as a container for their classmates to stuff their Valentine's cards and treats in.

We seldom do things in small measures in the Schmidt house. Her Valentine themed box was no exception.

Normally the cat itself, woulda coulda shoulda sufficed, but she was worried it wouldn't hold all the cards and candy. So what started off as a heart-shaped cat-shaped box, soon turned into the cat and a huge honking, diorama cat house, complete with bed, room decor, kitty litter and food. Check out the lightbulb she made at the top.

She had a ton of fun making it but I had to giggle because of course, the lion's share of kids showed up with wrapped shoe boxes with a slit cut in them.

Oh well, go big or stay home, I always say. Actually I never say that, but I began doing so today. This being the big splurge day and all. I can't believe the retail expenditure figures for Valentine's Day - $17 billion in the U.S.?

OK, that. is. insane. If ~ instead of buying flowers that die, and chocolates that make us fat, and cards that kill trees ~ we all redirected those funds towards providing much-needed vaccinations, food and safe housing infrastructure for the world's needy, think what a massive act of love that might be.

Anyways, tonight we're having a romantic Valentine's dinner at home, fam-damily style. If I'm not mistaken, it's the only free night on the calendar for the next month and a half. Holy Son will make homemade heart-shaped pizza for Holy Hub & I, Holy Daughter will mix up (perhaps literally) some raspberry mousse in chocolate cups, and we'll drink wine and eat salad by candlelight, while Holy Son makes his cello gently weep in the background, and while Holy Daughter cuddles the guinea pigs til they squeak. Sound romantic?

Welcome to my world.

"To hide the key to your heart is to risk forgetting where you placed it."
Timothy Childers


Anonymous said...

What a great box! Great creating! We had a Vday that really cost less then $5! It was great.

Anonymous said...

My beloved bought a collection of home improvement books for us for Valentines Day; we finally had a chance to sit down together and look through them. When I jokingly told him that wasn't going to let him off the hook, we ended up at our favorite restaurant, but not until he presented me with somme of my favorite chocoltes!!!
Frankly, I think I far more enjoyed dreaming with Steve over our books...
I hope you and yours had wonderful hearts-and-flowers kinda day!
As ever,