I Saw Mommy Dissin' Santa Claus

Nineteen second photo, 19 bucks. And Santa isn't even looking at the camera.


Jeri said...

What a great picture! And Holy Daughter's dress is beautiful. Hopefully she doesn't insist on dressing that formally every time you go out.

I can imagine taking my kids for a Santa pic - 6'2" and 215 lbs on one knee, and 6'4" and 190 lbs on the other. Santa would strain something.

Jorge said...

Santa is tired of having the flas go off in his eyes! If it wasn't for the Medicare cutbacks, he wouldn't even be in this stupid mall. And yes, your children are beautiful. Your son is almost as good looking as mine :-)
Speaking of which, I'm enjoying having him home, when he isn't out visitng his many local friends. I'm cooking Christmas Eve, so I have to hustle to get to the store before they sell out of some of the staples I'll be needing. I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas,

Tanya said...

The picture turned out great - even if Santa isn't looking :)

Lynn said...

Such gorgeous children, what a beautiful dress little Miss Holy is wearing! So it's nineteen bucks? Memories like this are priceless. At least your Santa LOOKS like a Santa!!