Hi! My Name Is...

*Thanks to KC for this steal-worthy meme below*

Hi, my name is...

How many times have you ever worn one of those tacky namebadge labels to a corporate function? And smiled to yourself? As though contained in those x-amount of letters that when formed together, breathe life to your named identity, one might possibly find that quintessential clue into your uniqueness of being. It's laughable and yet not. Just as you are what you eat (or at least when it comes to Hostess Twinkies), you are what you're named. In so very many ways.

My name is ancient Germanic. It hints that Denmark might be my homeland but those who read Hebrew recognize my judiciary archetype. Arabs believe I am like a black pearl, which makes me a rather wicked wench who is "nigh uncatchable" and tamed only by the likes of Captain Jack, but those who love me see me as the light of day. Because of its etymological ambiguity, my name has always remained as mysterious to me as my roots, my origins. My name is phonically simple yet surprisingly tricky for people to spell, pronounce or remember. It has always set me apart and served as a constant reminder to me that I am unique and different ~ an uncommon breed apart.

I was named after my birth mother. I didn't know this until we met a decade ago. Now, if we are in a room together and someone calls our name, we both look. It's rather annoying because then I am reminded that perhaps I am not that unique and different after all. The one saving Grace in such circumstances is she permits me to use her wine glass with our collective name etched on it.

My name was popularized on a Saturday Night Gilda Radner skit. This then became my nickname and if truth be known, I felt quite en vogue, if only for a short time. My name also fits nicely into the Name Game ditty and conveniently happens to rhyme with one of my fave fruits. This, too, is a popular nickname of mine. My name bears a distant familial resemblance to my husband's ex-girlfriend's name. He only mistakenly called me by her name once. Thankfully it was a harmless moment but if looks could maime, the glare I cast him that day might well have done him in.

My name corresponds to the number 3, which highlights the characteristics of expression, verbalization, socialization, the arts, and the joy of living. The expression or destiny for those with my name is one that includes words along a variety of lines that may include writing, speaking, singing, acting, teaching or composing. My name/numbers also tell me I have the destiny to sell myself or sell just about any product that comes along, and at one time, that happened to include a skanky, old, unrenovated hotel with cigarette burned carpets but commanding views of Edmonton's impressive river valley. I am imaginative in my presentation, and I have at least some creative talent for the the arts, although these are more likely to be latent. I am an optimistic person who seems ever enthusiastic about life and living. I am friendly, loving and social, and people like me, or so the numbers tell me, because I am supposedly charming and a good conversationalist. My ability to communicate may often inspire others. It is reputedly my role in life to inspire and motivate; to raise the spirits of those around me.

My soul urge number for my name relates to the abstract, the spiritual, and utopian dreams such as my dream of the perfect world. I am motivated toward idealistic concepts, and the sharing of my ideas and concepts with humanity. This sharing is not of giving to the world in a material or a practical sense, but rather as one who desires to help mankind with a more abstract commodity such as religion, spiritualism, occult studies, or even psychic abilities. My inner strength and devotion to my beliefs is extremely strong. I lean towards higher, more abstract forms of thought. I am also too sensitive, and at times, either overly emotional or emotionally repressed. I'm not a very practical person but I delude myself into believing I am. As a result, I tend to be rather inflexible.

I dream of being a leader and one who is in charge, even if this isn't always congruent with my life circumstances. I definitely want to be known and remembered for my courage, daring, and original ideas. I seek unconquered heights. People often get a first impression that I am very aggressive and sure of myself. This reminds me that I clearly haven't revealed enough of myself to those erroneous few who have formed this impression.

And even though Alanis cried it first, I think she really did speak for me when she said I'm a bitch, I'm a lover, I'm a child, I'm a mother, I'm a sinner, I'm a saint and I really do not feel ashamed that these all sound like me, a name I call myself. I have yet to find a collection of words for my About Schmidt descriptor that better describes the mishmash that is me. What can I say? Iyamwhatiyam and that's all that I am, or thus spoke Popeye in his spinach-induced euphoria.

Hi. For the purposes of this blog and this space called cyber, my name shall remain Anonymous but somewhat less a Mystery, I trust ~ much like the very ground of life itself. So as always, you can just call me Holy. It's easier to say and when you add my last name to the mix, it kinda has a ring to it, especially when pondering all that is cosmic, kismet and inane in this world.


KC said...

OH... I absolutely LOVE IT!!! Not only do you describe yourself in a very poetic and playful manner ... saying so much without saying a damn thing... but you started off with one of my most FAVORITE movies of all time... a quote from The Princess Bride!!!

You totally rock!!!

Thanks for participating. This is perhaps one of the best Meme's I've come across and am tickled pink that you willingly choose to do this! I love it!!!

Ciao bella,

A glass (OK more like a bottle or two) with you would be nothing short of a delight... at a min!

The Beast Mom said...

Hi Holy,
I did not know about the birth mother bit. Maybe there were other posts that I missed.
Anyway, besides that interesting piece of information about you, I thought your name description was fascinating too. Names are definitely these personal, individual things, even if someone else in the family carries the same. They carry it differently.

Hope you're enjoying fall. It's here, isn't it? The rain says so anyway...


Lynn said...

What an amazing descriptive history of an interesting and lovely name, Holy!!! I didn't know about the birth mother name-sharing either...that's so wonderful and at the same time a little deflating after carrying your name like a special-secret "this is mine alone" gift for so long. I get it. I have a common name, and at the same time, I never had another Lynn in school or in the work place at the same time...I'm usually the only Lynn anyone I meet knows...apparently it's used for middle names mostly and rarely does anyone call their kid by it. *shrug*

Love the Princess Bride quote!!!!

Becca said...

I love this entry, you write so well, and though I know your name and won't tell, you do express it in some rather humorous and inventive ways that make you think.

This from the one who often got called "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm" when I was growing up.


The Beast Mom said...

This is for you, Holy:


An understated nod to Mr. T...your favorite cool celebrity. Oh wait, that would be MY favorite cool celebrity. Well whatever. Go the site anyway. ;)


Jeri said...

What a beautiful description of you and your name! You did a great job of waxing eloquent on the subject.

I don't know that I'd have more than three lines to write on mine, I've never liked it, but never hated it enough to change it either.

c said...

This is a great post. Thanks for the glimpse into your name and who you are. I have also remained anonymous online for the most part. I continue to contemplate revealing my first name, but we shall see. I write elsewhere without the anonymity and enjoy the difference.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It'd been awhile. You now have me intrigued by your first response. I'm formulating an answer to your question that I'll post soon.