Hot Time, Summer in the City

Summer is here in full swing.

We've gone through our round of graduation parties, including but not limited to my son's 5th grade graduation. No one warned me 5th grade grads were such a big deal. I'm guessing that means I should start saving for tuxes and limos now, because in 7 years time, I can only fathom how huge a deal it's going to be. It was all I could do not to burst out laughing at all the pomp and circumstance attached to his ceremony last week. I'm surprised they didn't choose a class valedictorian.

Anyways, with that grad party and the obligatory PTA after-grad finished, it was on to my own Advancement of Excellence grad a couple of days later. Some of you may recall that I have been attending a seminar series these past several weeks/months and last Saturday was about celebrating our successes (whilst minimizing or eradicating our failures) and/or accomplished goals and tasks we set out to achieve all those many weeks ago.

Mine was about vitality, given that I've been feeling very sluggish (there's that word again) about my/our lot in life south of the border. Anyways, I decided to practice a little law of attraction stuff by changing the radio station from the country twang station (I can't get a job, I need to start getting pedicures with flowers to fit in, it's expensive here, and there ain't nothing on the home market available) to a more upbeat tune (God Bless America). OK, so maybe it wasn't so upbeat (I was actually singing God Bless My Underwear), but that's elementary, dear Watson. You sing America, I sing my underwear - potate toe, potat toe. My tune had changed and that was the important shift. And then I started saying a little affirmation statement to myself in the mirror. Check it out - I'm slim and trim and love the gym, je m'adore from core to limb.

I heart affirmation statements. It's like looking in the mirror and telling yourself that which is so not true but when delivering in such a way that you feel good believing the audacious lie, it brings a smile to one's face. So anyways, I started doing that because well, because I've never said nice things to myself before. I've never been narcissistic that way ~ admiring myself and murmuring, whoo, you are SOME hot...you should go out! So anyways, that's been fun. And I've been getting little notes from "The Universe" in my daily e-mail. On average, I get about 10 to 15 e-mails show up overnight but without fail, when I see that lone note from "The Universe" each morning, I feel compelled to click it open first. I mean, it's from the Universe. Universe trumps Target e-flyers and all the other junk that comes in. Just a tad. So that's been uber fun too...

Anything to keep my vibe away from radio goo goo, Radio ga ga, and tuned in, instead, to a more positive vibe like say Electric Avenue. I could have chosen REO Speedwagon but Beast Mom beat me to it.

Anyhoo, so back to my grad party. We all gathered in our small support groups and were ushered to the front of the room, group by group, to present our schtuff. Our group was introduced with Born to Be Wild blaring, because we were the RiCH Renegades (a team of individuals investing in Relationships, Career & Health), and our team action was a motorcycle rev. So here's a pic of us acting out a little silly dance choreography I orchestrated and somehow managed to talk everyone into following my lead to. Picture doing the hokey pokey in front of a crowd of perplexed and confused onlookers.

That's me - the shy, introvert, front and centre stage there.

Thank God for red wine on an empty stomach, that's all I can say.

I bragged to everyone in the room about the amazing things I attracted - an amazing group of fellow Renegades for one. A 30-year all-time high exchange rate (or low, depending on which way you're transferring your dollars), a house I shall easily call home, and the biggie of all biggies, the final frontier of our green cards. So it would seem that my course focus - which was vitality - is now coming to me in droves because I live now on pure adrenaline, barely getting through the list of daunting tasks in front of me each day.

Blah blah, goo goo ga ga, it was a fun night in what has otherwise been a rather un-fun time.

I know, I know. I'm supposed to be excited (and I will soon, I promise) about house purchase, green cards, and this business of finally setting in - I've been blogging and lamenting about straddling the border for so long, a balancing act that has been relatively easy up til now, but wait until B&C Inc. put up the Great Barbed Wire Wall of America between the Canadian & US borders. Then you want to hear Electric Avenue. That's a brand of vitality I never wish to experience. Like the dudes coming across from Tijuana who were hiding out under the engine hood. Now that's a Darwin Award waiting to happen.

But back to vitality. My friend, Rahul, the lean, mean, trading machine featured in the above images, stage right, presented me with the coolest gift as part of a little gift exchange we did. He's a self-professed Holy Schmidt blog lurker but I don't mind because he has the good grace to admit he lurks. And so he combined elements of what I consider my blueprint for success - things like vitality, passion, pride & joy, and he attached them to images that speak to those (my) success elements, including one of my fave pics of my kids walking down a mountain 4 or 5 years back, and he made a t-shirt out of it. How. Cool. Is. That?! Rahul, you rock. Thank you again!
So anyways, that's about it. Busy finalizing the house deal still. The bank is now in a flurry because they can't decipher my Canadian social insurance number (SIN) from my fake SSN (I now have the IRS on my ass, don't I?) ~ which is a a temporary number called an ITIN which doesn't have credit info linked~ and thus, they may not be able to attach my name to the loan. I gave her a quick lesson in SIN vs. SSN but it was all Greek to her and frustrating as hell for me.

I will be glad to finally get a SSN this fall because the hoopla of trying to be taken seriously in this country without one is staggering. Fighting to have a bank account and in fact, I still can't have a picture on my debit card because I don't have a SSN. Thank God for Safeway and Blockbuster and Starbucks cards, otherwise I wouldn't have any credible ID in this nation. :)

Changing the subject ~ (I know, that's so not like me) ~ we're going to the Mariners vs. Blue Jays game tonight with some friends who are coming down from Canada to catch the game.

I'm hoping to be able to stand up and sing the Canadian national anthem. If you've been reading my blogs for the past couple years (if so, God bless you, you're tenacious and perhaps slightly twisted and clearly have the patience of Job to endure my run-on sentences and nonsensical ramblings - there will be a spot reserved for you in Holy Heaven) - you know that one of the first things that struck me as odd when I moved here is that no one sings the national anthem at games here. (Hey, I'm from hockey territory, remember?) They stand with hands upon hearts and look up to the sky (wth? - looking for God, perhaps?). Whereas we Canadians take great karaokean pride in bumbling like drunken idiots at sporting events through our changed-lyrics anthem. So if you're watched the game on TV tonight, look for us way up in the nosebleeds, alternating between waving our Mariners fingers and root, root, rooting for the home team, and half-ass cheering on our primordial national home team. I'm not a Blue Jays fan - I'm from the west - 'nuff said, but this is Canada Day weekend, after all, so it will be any excuse to show my national pride.

On that note, I'm off to get ready for a Canadiana weekend with all things red & white - drinking red and white wine, bbq'ing both red & white meat, eating red & white potato salad, and enjoying desserts of raspberries & cream and even saskatoon pie (had to get some blue in there somewhere). We will honour Canada's 140th b-day on Sunday but we'll be celebrating a day early with our friends in town and our son off to boy scout camp on the Sunday.

So if you hear national news reports of people shooting off fireworks nauseatingly early (ie. Saturday), don't be alarmed - it's just us crazy Canucks, making up for the fact that fireworks are illegal where we come from.

And heh, don't go blaming me for my oppressed pyromaniac tendencies - blame Canada.


Jorge said...

Sorry I missed the party! Great pics; you're definitely an introvert. I'm leaving town in the Am, but wish you well until I can check in again.

Natalie said...

OMG... I clicked on that "blame canada" and had no idea what I was getting myself into. Sometimes... you are just plain evil. lol

Here's to some excitin' sparklers. That's all the pyrotechnics I'm allowed to play with. *sigh*

I don't have the patience of Job but I do have a J-O-B (which, btw, I am currently sucking down the last bit of whipped cream covered in juicy raspberry sauce from a raspberry mocha frappuccino that i made myself and it is muy psychodelicious) and that's better than some dude stuck in a whale-tale.

I'm so glad things are coming together and have to wonder...
What in the blog will you post about once you are workin', in your house, and the kids are back in school?

You'll have to finally get a dog.
And a horse.
And Cap'n Jack must provide you with some very exciting escapades.

Here's to new/old beginnings and four more bottles of wine on the wall...


Becca said...

Great entry, Holy! You have come a long way, baby! Enjoy your trip and look forward to seeing you in 20 days!

Simply Hollie said...

Happy Canada Day! Just got home from the fireworks! They were pretty good this year, and are fireworks illegal out west cause here in To there are lots of them going off tonight!


s- said...

So that's you I'm hearing, shooting off fireworks? Man, I'm ready to lean out of my office window, at 10:47 at night, and scream in my ghetto-fabulous best holler, "GET A CALENDER FREAK!!!!" But..then that might wake up my kids.. if the fireworks hadn't already. Pffft.. LOL

I sang the National Anthem (for the US), the last time I went to a baseball game, but then again.. I was only 11 at the time. Hmm.. would be kind of fun to sing the Canadian one the next time I go... that might be interesting ;)

Congrats on the house.. I'm starting to think you should consider a career in Real Estate Photography...

HOLY said...

jorge: hello and well, goodbye. see you soon? have fun, wherever you're going.

Nat: guess what animals the kids are grovelling for? A chicken and a bunny. (Outside of course). I'm all for the chicken but Capt'n Jack is less than thrilled.

Becca: Can you believe it's only a couple of weeks? - ohmigod - I will be last-minute packing and I still haven't figured out my little giftie.

s: the good photos of the house? Those so aren't mine - those are the real estate photographers (the wide ass angle ones that make the place look massive...it really isn't as cavernous as the photos make it appear...just vaulted). But the crappy ones? Those are mine.

HOLY said...

Hollie: Oops clicked send too quick (never do 5 things at once while doing a blog post). You've reminded me - I have to go take the Cdn flag off the door before the neighbors send in the cavalry - it's July 2nd and I'm now officially infringing on Independence Day celebration time.

Bloggeezer said...

You had me at "God Bless My Underwear". (boy are you in trouble for THAT one)

You know what's the scariest part of visiting your blog for me?

After all this time, I can finally actually follow along and understand everything perfectly.

Do you suppose that's treatable?

So glad you decided to stick with me through YAM (yet-another-move). I know some of my friends must be thinking "Crikey! Not AGAIN!"

What can I say? A mans gotta do what a mans gotta do. (muhwah-hah)

Have fun at the game, and on yuor weekend trip back home. Seeya soon!



Bloggeezer said...

Oh! by-the-by... Thanks for the Blame Canada video. I particularly ejoyed the RCMP Rockettes.

I'll be saving off a copy for my personal gratification later.



Lynn said...

LOVE the vid!!!
So glad to see/hear you were happy for a bit before the green card fiasco came and ruined your happy bubble and called up another rant, Holy. Bums.